About Me

My name is Ricky Smith and I founded bestpoker1 because I’m one hundred percent, fully, totally and completely passionate about all things poker! And I honestly believe that poker literally saved my life, well after I got a little push from the Eagles. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, so let me start at the beginning.

About 6 years ago I got laid off. At first I was optimistic but as I faced rejection after rejection my optimism waned and my depression grew. I was at the end of my tether and seriously contemplating just ending it all, in fact I started researching how to make it look like an accident or natural causes so that my children would never have to say they didn’t have a dad because he committed suicide.

And then I heard The Gambler by the Eagles. I can’t tell you where I was at the time, but for weeks I would catch myself humming or singing the tune under my breath. And I started to think about poker, and how much poker resembled life. Sometimes you think you’re holding an unbeatable hand and you go all in because you’re positive you’re not going to lose.

And then someone else has a full house to your four of a kind, or they have a royal flush when you have a straight flush. Now I’d been playing poker all my life, but never seriously. Just a couple of games with the guys, and with an app on my phone. But I was good; in fact I used to boast that I’d never lost a game in over 20 years of playing. I didn’t always win, but I never lost.

So with nothing left to lose I took the paycheck from my last freelance job and headed for a nearby casino. I guess my desperation made me reckless but somehow it paid off and I doubled my money that day. I had nothing better to do so I spent hours researching; playing online and practicing every trick and tip I’d learned from every blog, guide and book that I could find.

And I guess my dedication paid off because I haven’t ‘worked’ in two years! My house is paid off, my kids have decent college funds, I drive a nice car and we’ve even had a couple of overseas vacations. Like I said, I have a lot of spare time on my hands and I decided that if poker saved my life, it might just save someone else’s.

So I started this blog to share my own advice, tips, tricks and guides. Not just on poker, but on life in general. Because you never know when your pair of twos or just a plain old high card might be the hand that wins the round!