The 4 Best Poker Chips Set’s You Can Buy Today

How do you unwind after a long day in the office or in your business premise? Unwinding is one thing which many people do not give much attention, while it helps so much in relaxing the body. There are those who unwind by watching movies, other listen to some cool and soothing music while, some get into playing games.

Talking of playing games, lots of very interesting and exciting games have emerged, which help a lot in relaxing one’s body after a hard day’s work. As some of these games help in relaxation, another beautiful thing about them is the fact that they help the players earn lots of cash. Some games are very boring to play, yet are income earning. There’s however a very superb way of adding fun to your game, making you enjoy the game as you earn lots of money. This you can easily do with a set of poker chips.

Poker chips game is a game you can play with your friends or even with your kids at home and enjoy the quality time you spent playing. It does not require energy as some would, but rather, your concentration.

Now, the peak of every game, e.g. Soccer, just like it is with poker chips game, is getting to the point of winning or losing. In poker game, you can walk out a winner or a loser, and some people will even regret why they had to invest a lot of their money in the game and end up with nothing. However, I have good news for you. You can easily find cheap poker chips which also have the same feel and look as the casino poker chips set, and enjoy the game without regretting over any loss.

With the advanced technology, people are coming up with fake items which closely resemble the real ones. This has been identified in the markets. So, to be on the safe side, you’ve got to be keen enough as not to fall prey to the wiles of the fraudsters.

In a bid to help you, we’ve sampled the 4 original and professional poker chips to buy, which will help you save a lot, and also be able to buy a high-quality poker table for your rec room.

Review of the best poker chip sets

Trademark Poker 4 Aces 500 11.5G Cheap Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

Are you looking for a light weight, nice looking and good quality poker chips? With size as the casino chips and 11.5 grams weight, these unique poker chips provide a player with a superior feel, look and touch during the play. Given that they carry all necessary accessories, this poker chips set is a universal poker chips set which will definitely suit your game needs, as they are also highly flexible for any kind of game.


These poker chips have features which make them totally different from other chips.

  • The set has four different denominations including, $1, $5, $25 and $100. Each of these denominations is slightly different from each other in the color, all of them matching the color of the chips stripes.
  • Trademark Poker 4 Aces 500 11.5G Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case also have 3 buttons namely; The Dealer, Little Blind and Big Blind.
  • Aluminum case- if you have the casino poker chips set or even professional poker chips you will definitely need to give them ultimate protection as they are your investments. Made of strong and sturdy yet light weight aluminum which comes in bright silver, you can be sure of your valuables’ security. The interior of this case is black felt lining with a wide space able to accommodate 500 chips, the 3 buttons and 2 decks of cards. The lining is purposely to keep the components safe, as the decks are majorly for playing convenience. This case’s handles are also securely wrapped up, guaranteeing you long lasting use.
  • Security locks- this item has a security lock and two big lock keys which will ensure that your poker chips set are secure, any time they are not in use.

What do people say about them?

Poker chips game is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t only help to unwind, but also help you earn a lot of cash. A lot of people who have played poker chips games have had their say about the game. While many have won and others have lost, both categories admit that it is a fun-filled game one cannot avoid. Many of them praised the quality of the chips as well as the impressive denomination labels. Their cases, made from heavy duty and light materials makes them light weight.

Apart from their affordability, these poker chips are also highly sought after because of their value for money, the excellent details as well as the weight and the feel, which made for a real game of poker to many players.

Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style 11.5-Gram Poker Chip Set

This is yet another wonderful set from the Trademark. With best poker chips for home such as this, you can now play like an expert as you enjoy playing the game with your friends and family just at home. This set comes with heavy duty aluminum carrying case with handles securely riveted and 2 decks of playing cards, plus many other distinct features you will fall in love with. For a unique, classic and a glamorous poker look and feel, each chip has stripe and edge detail.

There are 500 Dice Style which are included in this set. 200 of them are in Red, 150 are in White, 100 in Green and 50 are in Black. The 500 dice weigh 11.5 grams and are produced from a composite resin with an insert which gives them the heavy casino professional weight feel.

To understand more, let’s have a quick look at some of the features that set these chips apart from other sets.

  • It has a set of 500 high quality casino poker chips.
  • The set is made from composite resin with heavy inserts which gives the professional quality and this makes them handle like the actual casino chips
  • It comes also with heavy duty aluminum case with black felt interior which keep your chips protected as well as organized during transportation. The interior also comes with wide space enough to carry 2 decks of cards, 500 chips, a dealer button and 2 blind buttons. The aluminum is heavy duty yet light weight, providing protection to your valuables.
  • Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style 11.5-Gram Poker Chip Set also come with securely riveted handles which are for long lasting use.

What do people say about them?

Trademark Poker Chip Set has been bought and played with, with players from all over the globe. The first thing that every player appreciates is its affordability, making it accessible to everyone.

Some players also acknowledge the great weight, high quality and the good feel the chips have. This set is also said to be good to poker players who want to step up their game to another level. Players also commend their handles which are securely put together to last for long.

The sturdy and light weight aluminum case is another kudos players give this set, as the case is able to keep the chips protected. Players also love the casino feel they get when playing with Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style 11.5-Gram Poker Chip Set, which comes as a result of the composite resin-construction with the heavy inserts.

Premium Set of 750 Casino Del Sol 11.5 gram Poker Chips w/Case, Cards, Dealer Buttons, & 2 Cut Cards

Are you are looking for a perfect-sized set for 6-10 players? Put an end to your search as the Casino Del Sol Poker Chips is here just to give you the best you deserve in poker games. Just as its name suggests, this poker set has every necessary accessory you will need for your poker game.

The premium set of 750 Casino Del Sol chips is the ideal and the best poker chip set to buy since it looks and feels like the casino chips with the appropriate sound as well as weight. The prices are already tagged on them so you wouldn’t need to ask for them.


  • Casino Del Sol Poker Chips has 3 poker dealer buttons and 2 cut cards.
  • The set also includes 200 Red $5 chips, 100 Black $100 chips, 150 Green $25 chips, 150 Blue $1 chips, 50 Grey $500 chips, 50 Yellow $5,000 chips and 50 Orange $1,000 chips.
  • Each of the chips has dollar denomination printed on them.
  • The set also comes with aluminum case, 2 decks of playing cards and 5 dice.
  • Premium chips weigh 11.5 gram and are made in the classy casino Del Sol design.

What do people say about them?

Now, many poker game players have said lots of positive things about this set.

To start with, many talk of the high quality chips which come with all the necessary accessories. Its heavy duty and light weight aluminum material which makes the aluminum case is said to be strong enough to keep your valuables safe. This is another thing that impresses the players as no one wants to lose their chips.

Another wonderful thing about this set that makes it a lover of many poker game players is that it comes with a key that locks the two hinges on the either side of the case.

Also, the fact that it can be purchased at very affordable price makes it a darling to many player, who may be looking for the cheap poker chips. Many experienced players have always enjoyed buying this set because of the chips’ weight as well as the value marks printed on them.

1000 Ct Monte Carlo 3-Tone Proffesional Casino Poker Chips Set w/ Aluminum Case 14 Gram Chips by Brybelly

Monte Carlo 3-Tone Poker Chip Set by Brybelly is a set of professional poker chips that any professional poker player cannot afford to miss.

Made from clay composite, the chips are truly eye-catching as well as classy and also add fun to the poker game, making you play the game with the feel and look of real casino chips.


  • This poker chips set comes with accessories such as playing cards, dealer buttons and well fitted aluminum case for carriage. These accessories enable you to add some class to your home casino game.
  • The set weighs 14 gram heavy weight.
  • It also comes with a glossy inlay with a laser graphic ring which makes the chips shine and sparkle.
  • The poker chips are made of clay composite which makes it have a heavy weight feeling, and also have that ‘clinking’ sound which is only heard in casino poker chips.
  • The poker chips have the feel, touch and look of the actual casino chips. Having been made of the heavy clay composite chips which make them heavy, they do not only acquire the casino feel but also the familiar ‘clinking’ sound, which according to the players, makes the game real.
  • This Poker Chip Set by Brybelly also has a unique and attractive edge design which surrounds an inlay that shows the denomination not only of each chip, but also the dazzling laser graphic strip as well as the words “Monte Carlo Poker Club”. All these make the chips glitter and shine the more.

What do people say about them?

Every individual who has played poker games with these poker chips have attested to the fact that they have the feel and the look of real casino chips.

Many players are not just concerned about the chips and the play itself, they look at what the whole set carries. Some of the best poker chip sets as this one come with a whole lot of accessories such as the dealer button, protective case, playing cards plus the poker chips.

Players also value their playing kits. This poker chip set comes also with aluminum case to protect their valuables from falling or even from theft.

Any poker game player knows that casino poker chips add fun to the game making it look real. This is why, besides going for the poker chips that have the same feel, touch and the sound of casino, they will also go for such as Monte Carlo 3-Tone Poker Chip Set by Brybelly which is made by heavy clay composite. According to them, these chips make them play the game with look and feel of the real casino chips.

Having looked at the 4 best poker chip sets, I believe you now have come up with the idea of the particular set you want to buy for yourself, your kids or even your friends.

All the 4 poker chips sets we have looked are very affordable. That is why they are highly sought after. Just as I mentioned, it may be very disheartening to invest a big chunk of cash on the sets then walk out of the game a loser. Instead of this, you can buy the cheap and affordable poker chips.

Below are some tips on buying such cheap poker chips.

  • Buying poker chips in bulk

This is a very important aspect that as a poker game player, you ought to know as it will not only help you get discount on the price of the chips, but will also help you have lots of the chips in stock, so that you will not need to worry about running out of the chips when your in the middle of the game.  Another reason why you should buy them in bulk is that you have matching poker chips. Some places, especially online stores provide very hot and lucrative deals to the customers who purchase the chips in bulk.

  • Buying lighter poker chips

Inasmuch as there are great and wonderful deals with heavy chips, you will most likely pay less for the lighter ones. Many poker game players always want to have the feel of the real casino chips whenever they are playing this game. What most of them do not always know however is, the 9 to 11 gram poker chips also have the same feeling, touch and look as that of the real casino chips.

  • Buying poker chips sets

A whole poker chips set does not only carry the chips,  but also the accessories such as a large number of the poker chips, a set or two of playing cards, a protective case for carriage and the dealer button. Now, when you buy a whole new pack of poker chips in a set, you definitely will get a good deal on the price.

  • Buying plastics

The difference between the heavy clay chips and the plastic poker chips is the price. The plastic poker chips can always be purchased at very affordable price as compared to the clay ones, yet they all serve just the same purpose.

  • Buying poker chips online

Buying poker chips online is awesome in that the online retailers will not charge the high cost of overhead that other retailers have. Also, you will be able to find a better selection online, than you’ll get elsewhere.

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